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#29 New logging roads identified at ReCaREDD - Roadless Forest workshop

This Mapathon will train ReCaREDD participants how to use Logging Roads. We'll be covering how to use tasking manager, iD Editor, and mapping new roads in the Cameroon, Republic of Congo, and DRC. After the training, all participants should know how to mapping logging roads using OpenStreetMap tools.

Created by willtemperley - Updated - Priority: high

#20 Ngamo State Forest, Zimbabwe

Map roads in Ngamo State Forest

Created by kriscarle - Updated - Priority: high

#18 Route Franceville - Matasasa

Created by Thomas_M - Updated - Priority: high

#16 WRI / LTS Mapping Party (South West Cameroon )

This project defines the tasks for the WRI/ LTS mapping party in Yaounde 13 and 14 July 2016

Created by kendie7 - Updated - Priority: high

#38 Congo: Digitize missing roads

Digitize missing roads from Satellite images. Tasks are buffers around roads found on Congo Topographic maps which are not yet in OSM. They can be used as guidance to locate missing roads

Created by Thomas_M - Updated - Priority: medium

#37 Updating DRC plantations

Description available in French

Created by clairedelune - Updated - Priority: medium

#35 Congo: add missing roads from WRI dataset

Digitize missing roads for Republic of Congo

Created by Thomas_M - Updated - Priority: medium


Updating of the road map of Gabon by the National Institute of Cartography in the first region (G1)

Created by Jospin Bleime - Updated - Priority: medium

#25 DRC Re-check Areas with Recent Roads

Re-check areas with 2013-2015 roads to capture newer roads that may now be visible in 2014-2016 Landsat

Created by kriscarle - Updated - Priority: medium

#19 New Roads in Chimpanzee Habitat in Republic of Congo

We have discovered new roads created in 2015-2016 that are inside previous intact forest and that overlap with likely Chimpanzee habitat ranges.

Created by kriscarle - Updated - Priority: medium
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